Nine Steps To Get You Started

If you would like to have a step by step plan for an easy start into your family hiking adventure, this page is for you. These nine steps are a great way of doing things, and each step gets you closer towards your goal of becoming a capable hiking family.

1. Get Your Free Family Hiking Toolkit

This free toolkit will help you and your children to become the trail team that you want to be, and to enjoy many fantastic hiking trips together. It includes my 70 page e-book “The Ultimate Outdoor Child Carrier Manual” with comprehensive information how you can let this important piece of equipment work for you; my seven step Outdoor Carrier Mini Course that will help you to actually learn the skills that the manual explains; and my twelve part Family Hiking Knowledge Nuggets email series with lots of useful tips and tricks. Take your first step and get your toolkit here!

2. Read The Ultimate Outdoor Child Carrier Manual

The manual is a very comprehensive summary of everything I have learned over the years about how to use child carriers in the outdoors in ways that are safe for your child and energy saving for you. On seventy pages and with lots of photos, this free e-book covers just about everything there is to know. Become an expert at using your child carrier outdoors in the fastest possible way – by reading this e-book!

3. Follow The Outdoor Carrier Mini Course

This little course contains seven easy tasks that you can do at home or nearby, and that will help you to put your new knowledge from the Ultimate Outdoor Child Carrier Manual into practise.

4. Enjoy Your Knowledge Nugget Every Sunday

Read the tips, tricks, and thoughts in each nugget, laugh about true trail stories, get some new ideas, and think about how you can use them on trips with your children.

5. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube

Visit me over at Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter, learn more, and make sure you don’t miss any new articles or videos!

6. Browse my blog

I keep adding new posts about everything related to tramping with children, so come back every now and then and check for new posts in my blog. It’s right at the home page, just scroll down a bit when you’re there and start reading.

7. Check out my e-book

To give yourself a serious know-how boost, check out my e-book “An Introduction To Hiking With Children”. It is packed with the fundamental principles and strategies that make hiking with children a successful, fun, safe family adventure. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, I have done that for you already! Build your journey on what I have learned in years of committed trial-by-fire on the trails. I’m actually jealous of you, because if I would have had the chance to grab such a know-how package when we were starting out, I would most definitely have made use of that!

8. Gear up a little

As you learn more, you will see clearer on what kind of equipment you can use that you already own, what alterations you can do to some of it to make it more suitable for hiking with children, and what new equipment you may want to make or buy. Especially if you are an outdoorsy person, chances are that you will only need a few pieces of additional equipment that you don’t own already; and you may even be able to get started without buying anything at all.

9. Get out there!

I can help you a lot to learn the right things and to learn them quickly – but there is no substitute for getting practical experience yourself. So be it an afternoon stroll, a half day trip, a whole day on the trails, or an overnighter: Choose a trip that you are confident to be well within your limits and appropriate for your level of skill in walking with children, and go! Take it slowly and use your brain. With every little expedition, both you and your children gain real experience, and next time you can already go a little bit further.


That’s it! If you follow these steps, you will soon be well on your way to become a capable and rightfully confident trail family. It’s quite straight forward, right? So what are you waiting for? Get started now!