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The kit will help you and your children to get out on the trails quickly, have a great time out there, and come back in one piece and with big grins on your faces, unable to wait for your next trip! The kit is entirely free, and it is packed to the brim with trail tested knowledge, tips, and tricks that will make your life on the trail easier, safer, and more fun.

This is what you will get:

The Ultimate Outdoor Child Carrier Manual

Maybe you are planning to buy a child carrier that is suitable for doing hiking trips with your child; or maybe you already own a great outdoor carrier. That’s awesome! It is a vital piece of equipment that will make amazing trips possible for your family – if you know how to use it right.

Since neither the manufacturers of child carriers nor any other sources are providing practical and reliable information how to really use child carriers in the outdoors, I have written the comprehensive 70 page Ultimate Outdoor Child Carrier Manual to share what I have learned about this in years on the trails.

How you use your carrier determines how safe it is for your child, and how energy saving it is for yourself. Many things that you need to know about using child carriers in the outdoors are not obvious, but getting them wrong can have very significant consequences. At the same time, if you just know how to do it right, it’s actually pretty easy! Just read this book and benefit from my experience.

Prevent accidents and make life easy for yourself and for your child. Learn just about everything there is to know about using a child carrier in the outdoors in smart, safe, energy saving ways. Seventy pages of detailed step by step explanations and lots of photos make things easy to understand. Because this is so important, I am giving this book to you for free, as part of your free Family Hiking Toolkit.

The Outdoor Child Carrier Mini Course

This Mini Course will guide you through seven practical small tasks that perfectly go with the Ultimate Outdoor Child Carrier Manual, and that will help you to put what you have learned from reading the manual into practise.

All tasks are easy to do at home or nearby, and they require little enough time and energy that you can fit them into your normal everyday life. They may seem like relatively simple things to do, but actually doing them will improve your skills as well as your confidence in using your carrier outdoors – the right way.

For seven days in a row, you will receive one micro exercise every day, so you can learn how to use your child carrier in the outdoors quickly, and let that piece of equipment work for you!

12 Family Hiking Knowledge Nuggets

This twelve part email series with trail tested, hand picked tips and tricks about hiking with children will make your life on the trails easier and more fun! From safety, mood management and bug protection to changing nappies in the woods, saving energy and time, and many more topics, each nugget contains practical information that you can use on your little or bigger walks straight away – and you will receive a new nugget every Sunday, for twelve weeks in a row!

The Trailbabies Loop

Whether you are a child or an adult: If you are part of the team in a hiking family, you are a Trailbaby. So as part of your free Family Hiking Toolkit, I will also add you to my Trailbabies Loop to make sure you will never miss anything interesting. When there is a new blog post or a new video for you, you will be the first to know. Of course, as a subscriber of the Trailbabies Loop, I will also let you know about new tools and resources becoming available right away, so you will know without delay!

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As a special thank you for subscribing, I will also email you a discount code right after signing up that will allow you to buy my e-book “An Introduction To Hiking With Children” for just 9 dollars, which is less than half its normal price! You don’t need to buy the e-book, that is totally up to you. But once you have signed up to your free Family Hiking Toolkit, your subscriber-only discount is available to you, and you can make use of it right away or at a later time, whenever you want, there is no expiry date.

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