An Introduction To Hiking With Children

Get out there – safely, as soon as possible, and with big grins on your faces!



I want you to buy my e-book.

That’s an unusually honest sales pitch, you say? To me, it makes perfect sense. Let me explain why.

You are reading this, so most likely you are an outdoorsy person, and you want to do outdoor activities with your children. You have probably been browsing this web page and my blog for a bit. Maybe you have already signed up for your free Family Hiking Toolkit. You have found some good insights in your weekly Knowledge Nuggets, and you have learned how to really use child carriers in the outdoors by reading your free copy of the Ultimate Outdoor Child Carrier Manual and following the free Mini Course that comes with it – awesome!

Since you want to do outdoor activities with your children, you are probably a mature human being; you can think for yourself and make up your own mind, and I respect that.

Now you are curious about my e-book, but you have definitely not come here for me to bombard you with underhanded marketing tricks.

Because of all that, I choose to be up front with you. If I wasn’t convinced that this is a fair offer, I would not be making it – so I’m telling you straight up that I want you to buy my book.

I want you to buy it because I know it will help you.

Everything I do with the Trailbabies Network I do because I am extremely passionate about giving more families the knowledge and skills to safely enjoy great hiking trips together. If this wouldn’t be so very important to me, I would never be able to muster the energy and time that are necessary to put all these resources together.

My motivation is that I know that hiking together can have a wide range of positive effects on your children as well as yourself. Spending time together outdoors connects people in a very special way. It can have absolutely amazing effects on the relationships you have with each other, and all those effects spill over into everyday life as well.

Aside from teaching you a broad range of outdoor and self reliance skills, tramping also naturally promotes lots of knowledge, skills, and character traits that are as helpful and desirable at home, at school, and at work as they are on the trails. Resourcefulness, planning, observing, creativity, problem solving, risk management, decision making, communicating, teamwork, patience, persistence and lots of social skills are just some of the many life skills that both your children and you will continuously hone along the way, and in a very satisfying, hands-on fashion.

Tramping is inherently healthy for your body and your mind. Without exaggeration, hiking is one of the most powerful physical and mental health tune-ups you can possibly treat yourself to.

The physical benefits of gentle varied exercise such as improved cardio-vascular health, strength, and balance are rather obvious. Many people also find it a lot more interesting and social to go on a hiking trip instead of wasting precious time in an expensive anonymous gym or on a mind numbing treadmill at home. Arguably, hiking also is a much more natural form of exercise for the human body.

Moving through the outdoors with your “tribe” taps into age old structures and patterns that are still very much integral parts of how our brains work and which are extremely important for our general mental wellbeing, yet are usually badly neglected in modern life.

Finally, and again rooted in our brain’s tribal structure and patterns, the simple act of walking together as a team in a natural environment contributes to you and your children developing an extraordinarily close relationship with each other, which also strengthens your family as a whole.

Take the family hiking pill

Because of all of the above, you could say that family hiking is the ultimate “fitness, happiness, and general life improvement pill” that also often comes bundled together with great new friends as a bonus. Oh, and with many fantastic outdoor adventures, of course!

All in all, hiking with your children is a phenomenally powerful way to improve your life. On top of all that and at least equally important: It’s a whole lot of fun as well! Out on the trails, while you just focus on enjoying your trip, you get all these other benefits as a side effect with no extra effort or expense on your part.

I can’t think of anything more motivating than making all this accessible to more families around the world, and it makes me happy every time I hear from yet another additional family that has started to enjoy hiking trips together.

This book will help you to…

Keep your children safe, and especially to protect them from the elements, so you can enjoy your walks with peace of mind

Make things easy for your children and for yourself, so that you can all have good energy levels throughout the whole day

Understand how mood management works on the trail to keep your children interested and motivated, combine your and their interests, and again save lots of energy for all of you

Know what challenges to expect depending on the age of your children, and to handle them so you can enjoy great tramping trips together during every stage of your children growing up

Know how far you can go in a day with your children and what kinds of places and terrain you can safely navigate together, so you can plan successful and fun trips

Know how to carry your children so it is safe as well as comfortable for them and for you

Turn changing nappies in the woods from a daunting task into being as easy as doing it in the cleanest public toilet or even at home


Break through the invisible wall

Back to where you may be right now though: I know that when you are just at the beginning, it can be really hard to know how to get started. I can relate, because I have been in the same situation myself.

When we were starting out, I found that there is nearly no tangible information available about hiking with children. There are no decent books or videos or courses about tramping with children, there are only a few brief bits and pieces available on the web, and the scouts, quite likely the largest child focused outdoor organisation in the world, are not really geared towards helping families to get out together, and not everyone feels comfortable with the scouts’ structure and philosophy either. Bizarrely, even most tramping clubs don’t seem to know much about walking with children.

Bottom line: It can be near impossible to find good information, let alone an experienced mentor to support you and to learn from.

Turn the unknown into skills

Now you are looking at this little bundle of human being in your arms, or maybe your children are a older already; in any case you feel an enormous amount of responsibility, filling your head with doubts whether it really is such a good idea to take them on hiking trips with you.

The fact that you feel like that is a good thing – because it shows that you really care, and that you are taking your responsibility for your children seriously. Your parenting instincts are working, and they will serve you well on the trails.

To handle any doubts or worries, I suggest to consciously name them, be as specific about them as you can, and even write them down. Then, think about what you can do in practical terms to address each of them, and find solutions.

As for the naysayers, there’s a very straight forward way to deal with them: Ask them what their level of experience is, and not just in hiking, but in hiking with children. So far I have not met a single person who was sceptical of tramping with children and who actually had any experience to back up their position; many of them don’t even have any hiking experience at all.

Those people are simply showing their fear of something they don’t know a lot about; their fear of the unkown. Don’t judge them for that, but at the same time, also don’t allow them to infect you with it.

Instead, identify what it is that you don’t know and that you need to learn to make your dream come true, acquire that knowledge from a reliable source, start to use it on the trails, and you will see your worries melting away and being replaced by real skills and capability!

From experience, I know that hiking with children is very achievable for most outdoorsy people – if you know how to do it right. I really know now how that works, and that makes me want to replace the many common questions and worries with tested and trail proven knowledge and practical skills that will help you get started.

That’s what this e-book is all about.

The purpose of this e-book is to help you get out there, safely, as soon as possible, and in ways that keep things simple and make both you and your children want to go hiking again and again.

Reading my e-book will help you overcome the very common inertia when starting something new, break through the hesitation of the unknown, answer fundamental questions, address any worries that you may have, ease your learning curve, and give you and your children the knowledge and tools for a great start.

Get the foundation right – the details will fall into place

I have intentionally avoided to put everything I know about hiking with children into the book, trying to “upload” it all to your brain.

Believe me, that was hard, because I so want to! But trying to do so could overload your mind with a huge number of things which, while definitely helpful to seriously expand your stomping grounds in the mid term, are not necessary to get you started with family hiking, and may make you feel overwhelmed, and maybe decide not to start at all.

I want to avoid that, so I have focused on the fundamental knowledge that you need as a solid foundation to build your family hiking future on, and to enjoy your first few successful trips soon.

Knowing the niftiest trick is not worth a lot without having the understanding of how that trick fits into the big picture.

As an example, while it may be helpful knowledge in the longer run, if you don’t know a particular knot to tie a guy rope of your tent in the best way, that is not the end of your trip – you just use a different knot that you happen to know. It may not work quite as well, but most likely it will still work. However, if for example you fail to introduce your children to tramping in ways that make it easy for them, or you lack the fundamental understanding of how to protect your children from hypothermia in a sudden weather change, that can put an end to your family hiking journey before you even really begin it, or worse.

The first milestone in your family tramping career is to get out there and start walking with your children, so it does not help you if I go into macro view and tell you about a million details.

What you really need is the bird’s eye view that enables you to see why and most importantly how tramping with children is absolutely doable, what aspects of family hiking you need to be aware of, how the different pieces of the puzzle fit together, and how you can get the important bits right from day one.

Get the foundation right, and the details will almost fall into place automatically. That’s what this book is for.

Knowledge is power.

It is an overused expression, but it is as true today as it has ever been, and it very much applies to tramping with children.

Without knowing where and how to start, hiking with your children can seem like a daunting and unrealistic dream that you have – but if you learn the knowledge and skills to do things right, it becomes very achieveable, and you will rightfully be confident when you are entering the trail.

Relevant information for success on the trails


Since learning something new is always easier when you can visualise the end result, the book also contains many photos that help you to get a good idea what hiking with your children may look like when you finally hit the trails together!

I have selected the contents of the book based on extensive own experience, years of observations while walking together with dozens of other families on small and big trips, and questions that I typically get asked by those we are walking with as well as in emails and facebook messages from various corners of the world.

These are the big topics that everything else rests on. If you nail these, you are putting yourself on a path to a reliable and satisfying journey of becoming a successful Trailbabies family, and my e-book can give you a big head start with that.

This book can change your life

I have been thinking a lot about the question how much I should charge for this e-book, and to be honest, it is not an easy question to answer. What do you think it is worth?

I can confidently say that this book will lay a rock solid foundation for your family hiking journey. It can easily put you on a learning path that takes you and your children to a level of knowledge, skill, and capability in a few months that took me five years of committed research to achieve.

Reading this book means taking a smart short cut, a proven path to becoming a capable trail family, because it will help you to avoid time consuming trial and error, and to steer clear of any hair raising experiences.

It can even help you to avoid spending money on gear that you don’t need or that doesn’t work, and then having to spend more money to get the right kind of gear. If reading my book helps you to avoid just one single bad buy, it has already paid for itself, and then some.

And I don’t even want to start trying to put a price tag on the many health benefits that you and your children will get from making hiking a normal part of your family life.

But most importantly, by buying this book you are without exaggeration buying at the very least many months and likely several years of time for yourself and your children, because it will help you to learn faster and get started sooner, to do more fantastic trips, and to come home safely and with big grins on your faces.

Now it’s your turn to make up your mind and decide what step you want to take next.

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